Workshops (2013 – 2019)



Between 2011 and 2019, the Fictions & Interactions team ( linked to Université Paris 1 developed a series of performative and interactive experiments using walking as a medium to connect small groups of walkers across distant geographical spaces.

These interactions were carried out using widely available applications such as Skype or with applications specially designed by Paris media company ORBE

These experiments were designed using audio scenarios to be executed successively by the interacting groups (in Paris and Shanghai) who followed instructions presented as in a game or in a simply exploratory manner in order to confront distant spaces with common urban characteristics. ORBE, with the support of the CoSiMa project (ANR), created the experimental applications for these remote interactions.

With the workshops presented below, the fictions & interactions team has amplified its experimental and artistic aims within a diversity of interactive devices mixing physical, virtual and fictional spaces. Sound and visual interactions, applications of shared cartography, allow several stages to experiment hybrid urban spaces with distant walkers. The questions of remote collaboration but also of playful competition are raised through these experiments. The questions of real time interactions are most often experimented but do not exclude other contexts with construction of delayed scenarios.

Workshops between distant walkers such as Paris-Seoul, Paris-Montreal, Paris-Quebec, Paris-Chicago, Paris-Rio, Paris-Shanghai are documented in the following list.

* Workshops Paris-Seoul, 2019: Crossing Gates

* Workshops Paris-Montreal, 2016, ORBE linguistics interactions
* Workshop Paris-Quebec, 2016, ORBE Workshop Paris-Chicago, October 2015, ORBE: Combined tracking, drawings and encircling processes
* Workshops Paris-Rio, September 2015, ORBE, UERJ Santa-Teresa (Rio) / Belleville (Paris) Combined tracking and real-time photographic interactions
* Botanical Garden (Rio) / Jardin des plantes (Paris)
* Workshop Paris-Shanghai, 2014, ORBE, XIYITANG
* Workshop Paris-Montreal, May 2013, ORBE, UQAM