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fictions & interactions

The notion of interaction is at the basis of the line of the research line Fictions & interactions and comes to determines three axes of experimentations concerning the artistic fictions:


– interaction between the media of a same work: “intermediality”,

– interaction between fiction and reality: “interpenetrations”,

– interaction between the work and the user, the interactive devices and the participants: “interactivity”.

Audiovisual devices, exhibition modalities, online works, interactive works, alternate realities, urban games constitute the privileged territories of the addressed research. Initially focused on questions of territories and definitions of artistic fictions (semantic, syntactic, pragmatic approaches), the team now focuses its research on the notion of interaction in the fictions and interactions relationship.

The questions surrounding artistic devices, the relationships between real, fictional and virtual immersions as well as those between performativity and the effects of presence are developed. They involve the notions of “situated interactions”, “geofiction” and sound fictions. The issues of mobility and digital interfaces in multi-user devices and games in alternate realities (Hybid Reality Games) are now the focus of the Interactions & Fictions team’s research.